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Chick Days Continue

specialsthmbAlong with the general assortment of chicks available for purchase at Gregg Farm Services this Spring, you also have the option of pre-ordering chicks. This is especially helpful is you want to guarantee a large number of chicks, or if you are interested in ordering a special variety of birds. If you would like to pre-order chicks, here are a few basic things you will need to know.
Baby Chick Pre-ordering Conditions & Requirements:

  1. Customers who pre-order chicks get a 10% discount from normal pricing, and can select any breed of chicks available from the hatchery.
  2. Pre-orders for chicks require a minimum purchase of 10 birds per breed ordered (individual cockerels can be added to pullet orders).
  3. Chick pre-orders must be 50% pre-paid (customer pays half at the time the order is placed and then pays the remainder at pickup).
  4. All pre-ordered chicks should be picked up on the delivery date
  • a.    pre-ordered chicks picked up later than the delivery date (after Wednesday) will revert to full price.
  • b.    pre-ordered chicks not picked up within 3 days of delivery (by Saturday) will become the property of Gregg Farm Services and may be sold to recover any losses incurred by Gregg Farm Services.
  • c.    no chick pre-order pre-payment will be refunded for chicks not picked up by the customer.

Gregg Farm Services is not responsible for shorts or DOA from the hatchery; you will not be charged for any pre-ordered birds you do not receive, but replacement is not  guaranteed.