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Little Wonder C5

Click photo to view demo video!

The new Little Wonder C5 wheeled blower is an all-new consumer blower that puts the power of 1,100 cfm/200 mph air power in your hands. That’s more than twice the air power of comparably priced backpack blowers – without the back ache. Quickly and easy takes care of so many chores around the property that you’ll reach for it all year long.

  • Clean up yards, curb areas and driveways
  • Clear debris from flower beds, hedges and fence lines
  • Blow away grass and hedge clippings
  • Move debris out from under porches and decks
  • Clear sewage grates and street run-off gutters
  • Clean out cracks and crevices to repair cement
  • The direct power to move standing water and light snow with the wide swath to dry surface areas
  • And, of course, move mountains of leaves!