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Here are a few notes from Mark Keaton’s January Garden Tips

·    Clean up vegetable gardens to reduce insect and disease pressure for the coming growing season.  Asparagus stalks can be cut back and beds need a new 2- to 3-inch layer of compost

·    Till garden plots without a cover crop to expose overwintering insects to the winter’s cold.  Incorporate compost, animal manures, etc. at the same time to garden plots needing organic matter

·    Cut poison ivy vines from trees at the ground level and paint the cut end with Fertilome’s Brush Killer (Triclopyr).

·    Glyphosate* can be used on dormant bermuda-grass lawns in January or February, when temperatures are above 50 F. for winter weed control.

Mulch strawberry beds now with straw, keeping the straw off the crowns.

Click here for complete article as it appeared in the Baxter Bulletin