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Fun at the Wildlife Expo!

We had a great turn-out at our Wildlife Expo on Thursday, August 21, 2014. There were great speakers, a variety of vendors, and lots of free prizes given away.  Here are the names of folks that won:

Sondra Tray, Ricky Johnson, Hubert Campus, Shannon Foster, Michael Schraeder, Richard Alfred, Ben Emerson, Jeremiah Judd, Barbara Kett, Cecil Floyd, Ty Hannaford, Mike Welk, Brenda Carlton, Janet Glass, Don Graham, Ken Tool, Bob Stone, Larry Evans, Loretta Archer, Denise Peterson, Diana Franks, James Treat , Clarence Albram, Joane Leone, Ron Holstien, James Tilley, Lila Doyle, Floyd Lee, Dawn Schrader, Dan Martin, Tony Chamberlain, Ken Roof, Jim Brandenberg, Ron Pelka, Joe Storey, Rhonda Evans, Richard Bowman, Jonathan Butler, Jennifer Rowe, Steve Simro, Marlene Hada, Elaine Pope, Joanne Middleton, Bob Stone, Bo Trammell, Bill White, Jan Hale, Kathy McCoy, Johnny Sanders, Jerry Huddleston, Larry Leone, and Glen N. Lynn